Touchless Biometric Solution with Mask & Body Temperature Detection

Coronavirus Symptoms Alert
Touchless Biometric Solution with Mask & Body Temperature Detection
Powerful surveillance tech that identifes users with surgical masks and checks their body temperature quickly. In public areas, the sanitary issue, which particularly exacerbates in some Asian countries at the height of the
COVID-19 epidemic, is of utmost importance. Especially when there is a global coronavirus outbreak that is contagious and hard to contain, people are worried about droplet infection and concerned about placing hands or fingers on the same sensor, doorknob, or handle where countless others have also placed theirs.


Body Temperature Measurement.

Most of the thermal cameras in the market are designed for
industrial use. Such temperature detection may allow up to
+/-2 degrees of deviation, which is simply not precise enough
for human body temperature screening during a pandemic of
In order to solve this problem, ZKTeco combines the
technology with infrared temperature detection to provide
accurate and fast temperature screening during identity


Touchless palm authentication method with a novel hand
tracking technique allowing angle tolerance as wide as +/-60°
in the roll axis and a recognition distance of 50cm is certainly
eliminating hygienic concerns while maintaining accurate
and eective high-level biometric recognition quality. Users
won’t have to struggle to touch any sensor anymore.

Wellness , safety and fewer health issues.